In fall of 2007 Kathy and Rob came to John Wyszynski of Gerretson Realty looking to buy a larger home for their growing family. They had outgrown their Mayfair bungalow and knew they were ready to upgrade, but were unsure of the specifics.

“One thing that John did a really nice job of was taking the feedback from my husband and I and honing that into styles that work for both of us,” Kathy said. “This is the house we want to stay in until we’re ready to downsize when the kids go to college, and we’ll probably use John then too!”

Kathy, Denver

Gerretson Realty Finds Couple Majestic Mountain ‘Dream Home’

Gerretson Realty Finds Couple Majestic Mountain ‘Dream Home’

Tom Sale and his wife were looking for a home in the hill outside of Fort Collins. With the help of Gerretson Realty, they are now living in their “dream house” at the base of the beautiful Poudre Canyon. The home sits on 54 acres of property with State Wildlife Trust land for a backyard.

“Our arrival at this remarkable property is a testimony to our realtor, John Wyszynski’s, diverse skills, tenacity, and personal commitment,” Tom said. “As issues arose John responded with prompt solutions and an ever cheerful remark.”

Tom, Fort Collins

“I greatly appreciated the assistance I received from Gino and Charlie. They were tremendously helpful in their advice on the presentation and marketing of my condominium. They were generous with their time in helping me get the apartment ready for sale and in holding open houses. Really great service and I highly recommend them.” -Rick Bailey

Sam's Testimonial
New Buyers Feel ‘at Home’ with Gerretson

“The service and personal attention my sister and I received from Gino Valverde and John Wyszynski of Gerretson Realty, Inc. was incomparable and completely unexpected from a Realtor. The knowledge of Gino was more than the average agents I had previously experienced. I greatly appreciated his ability to advise me every step, from the first offer to even after the closing. Gino possesses all the characteristics necessary to be an excellent realtor: knows the market; diligent, responsive, and exhibited great patience with me throughout the “first time home buyer” experience.”