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Photos from Sinsheimer Tour

Dear Hosts, C&C Participants, and Friends of Traditional architecture,

Someone asked architect Tom Carr at the coffee shop before the tour, “Is it true that we only get to see one house today?”  “Just wait…” came the wry reply 🙂  As it turns out, at least four people commented afterwards that it was one of the best house tours they’ve ever been on…and these folks have been on a few!  We attribute the success of this tour to our special hosts, Mike and Michelle, who went out of their way to make the tour as interesting and fun and as possible on that beautiful morning.

The landscaping (700 boxwoods!) and exterior was so fresh, newly renovated, and nicely done that it elicited a mid-tour applause (a first) before the owners led us inside.  Michelle had prepared several tables of before & after photos, drawings, and even copies of original correspondence.

Nearly every room had color 8½ x11s pinned to the walls showing items of interest (like lowering the very large television between the floor joists in the front hall) and/or interior finish selections.

Speaking of the interiors, the owners have been working with AD 100 interior designer Kelly Wearstler, who has also done projects for Gwen Stefani, Ben Stiller, and Cameron Diaz.

In addition to everything else, the owners shared entertaining stories about things encountered along the way  (Lady walking her dog in the neighborhood happened to ask Mike, “Did the owners go bankrupt on this project?”  “Well, not yet…”) or (Michelle describing one of her many roles:  “An electrician on staff…with drywallers in tow…”).

Thanks again, Mike and Michelle, for a wonderful morning and your gracious hospitality.

The next Columns & Coffee tour will be Curtis Park led by historian and author, Bill West, on August 20, 2016.  And looking ahead, please mark your calendars for Dr. Elizabeth Dowling speaking about her book on Classical Interiors on August 25, 2016, at the Cherry Hills Country Club.

Tom M.
C&C chair

Photos From the Denver Sinsheimer House Tour

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