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Photos from Richthofen Castle Denver Tour

Dear Sylvia, Jesse, Molly, C&C Participants and Friends of Traditional Architecture,

Good things are for those who wait…after the tour was cancelled due to snow in April, last Saturday turned out to be the perfect fall day for a most enjoyable tour of the Richthofen Castle!  The tour attendance was nearly 100%, with only one absence.  Thanks to everyone for your kind attention to the owners’ presentation and being mindful of the antiques and collectibles. Architect Steve Bass summed up what many of us were thinking and saying:  “I’ve been waiting 36 years to see the interior of this house!”

Special thanks go to our hosts, Sylvia and Jesse Jesperson and their daughter, Molly.  The illustration boards with historic photos, old newspaper clippings, and booklets (complete with magnifying glass) were of special interest and thank you for putting it all together!  Everyone enjoyed your stories about the house, renovation challenges, your personal experiences and special “finds” (the large owls…).  Strolling by some of the original, Germantic furniture in the large living and dining rooms gave everyone a true glimpse into the Richthofen era.  The sunroom and eclectic kitchen were quite fun to see, as was the large refrigerator with the corbeled door!  Postulating about which addition was designed by whom in the inner courtyard and viewing the castle tower from the east courtyard and blacksmith shop were most enjoyable, as well.

Again, thanks to realtor Casey Miller for working with Sylvia in setting up the tour and to John Wyszynski for generously sponsoring Columns & Coffee for 2016.  Thanks to Tommy Matthews for providing most of the photographs, Tom Carr for handling check-in, and Kathi Lichter for the notes on the Molkery and Richthofen monument.

Lastly, a thank you to Mike McPhee for presenting an autographed copy of his recent biography of Dana Crawford to Sylvia and Jesse in appreciation for the tour.

Photos from the Richthofen Castle Denver Tour

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