Platt Park

Developers have rediscovered Platt Park and are building new homes and duplexes that fit this area’s energetic spirit. At one time the neighborhood was home to the dairies and farms that fed the growing city of Denver. Original farm houses, Denver Squares, Victorian Cottages, and Dutch Colonial homes remain from the bucolic days.

Bounded by Downing, Broadway, Evans and I-25, Platt Park is seeing many of its older homes remodeled for 21st century living. Schools and businesses cater to growing numbers of young families in the area. Old South Pearl Street’s charming shops and restaurants draw people from all over the city, as do the antique shops on South Broadway. Sushi Den and the affiliated Izakaya Den are long time favorites.

Platt Park features a popular park too. One of Denver’s hidden jewels is the The Sarah Platt Decker Branch Library opened on June 17, 1913, It is one of the original Andrew Carnegie Corporation Libraries. The branch was named after Sarah Platt Decker, a leader of the women’s suffrage movement.

Denver neighborhood's Platt Park, Gerretson Realty

Boundaries: Downing, Broadway, Evans and I-25