City Park & Uptown

The Denver City Skyline from City Park.
The Denver City Skyline from City Park.

City Park and Uptown have been the location of Gerretson Realty’s home for over 35 years.

Uptown is viewed as the blocks adjacent to 17th Avenue as it heads east from downtown to where it meets City Park at York Street. The Perrenoud is one of Denver and 17th Avenue’s hidden gems. Charlie Gerretson has owned and lived in many of the units in this outstanding building. Be sure to explore the Perrenoud’s history at their historian’s website.

The large complex of hospitals and walking proximity to downtown is bringing many new resident. Look for the redevelopment of the former Childrens Hospital and well as churches converted to residences for some of the unique new characteristics to these neighborhoods.

City Park has is typically identified by the ordinal quadrants of North, West, South. Park Hill completes the square with what would be called East City Park. City Park amenities include the Denver Zoo, The Denver Museum of Nature and Science and City Park Golf Course.

Approximate street grid locations for these two neighborhoods would be Broadway to Colorado Blvd and Colfax to Martin Luther King Drive. Within these boundaries are the Whittier, San Rafael and East Park Place historic neighborhoods. John Wyszynski, our president, has volunteered at Whittier Elementary as a Denver Public Library Read Aloud Volunteer since 2002.

The heart of the City Park neighborhood is Fredrick Law Olmsted’s designed City Park and the continuation of historic landmark landscape design along 17th Avenue Parkway.

Denver neighborhood's map thumbnail for City Park and Uptown

Boundaries: Broadway to Colorado Blvd and Colfax to Martin Luther King Drive