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Denver’s Premier Neighborhoods

Capitol Hill Neighborhood Denver3

Denver is a big city comprised of many smaller and distinct neighborhoods. There are 78 neighborhoods designated by the county assessors office. Each neighborhood, and in most case each block, has it own unique character.

At Gerretson Realty we pride ourselves on matching our buying clients needs to the neighborhood that most suits their personality and goals. If you are considering listing your home be sure to contact one of our agents who will work with you to optimize the benefits of your home and neighborhood.


BelcaroThis Denver neighborhood lives up to the legacy of it’s namesake mansion, “Belcaro” which means “beautiful beloved” in Italian. Belcaro is considered one of the more upscale and fashionable neighborhoods in central Denver. The area is bounded by Steel Street and Colorado Blvd on the east and west, and Mississippi Ave and Cheery Creek Drive on the north and south.

Bonnie Brae

Bonnie Brae neighborhood map thumbnail for Gerretson Realty.Denver’s Bonnie Brae neighborhood is a serene residential enclave, and its beautiful homes, mostly built in the 30s and 40s are typically tudor style, international style ( deco ), updated modern additions and newly built homes.


Capitol Hill

Denver neighborhood's map thumbnail for Capitol Hill.Stately mansions and multifamily dwellings make Capitol Hill and Speer one of the most densely populated and active neighborhoods in Denver. Bounded by Colfax, Broadway, 6th Avenue & Downing, this pedestrian-friendly neighborhood features homes at every price point.


Cheesman Park

Denver neighborhood Thumbnail for Cheesman Park.Cheesman Park attracts a diverse blend of residents, runners, dog-walkers, apartment renters and mansion dwellers. Bounded by Josephine, Colfax, 8th Avenue and Corona, this neighborhood offers high-rise living with breathtaking views. Mature trees shade Cheesman Park’s historic homes and condos, adding a sense of timelessness to the area. Coffeehouses, bars, boutiques and restaurants cater to a broad range of tastes. The Denver Botanic Gardens hosts popular summer concerts.


Cherry Creek

Denver neighborhood's thumbnail for Cherry Creek.An eclectic neighborhood that surrounds a boutique shopping district, Cherry Creek is an area mostly comprised of townhomes and condos. With a generous amount of new construction in a central location, combined with upscale dining and retail, it is a favorite spot for empty-nesters and urban families.


City Park & Uptown

Denver neighborhood's map thumbnail for City Park and UptownCity Park and Uptown have been the location of Gerretson Realty’s home for over 35 years. Uptown is viewed as the blocks adjacent to 17th Avenue as it heads east from downtown to where it meets City Park at York Street. City Park has is typically identified by the ordinal quadrants of North, West, South. Park Hill completes the square with what would be called East City Park. City Park amenities include the Denver Zoo, The Denver Museum of Nature and Science and City Park Golf Course.


Congress Park

Denver neighborhood's thumbnail for Congress Park.Congress Park is located directly east of Capitol Hill and Cheesman Park. This Denver neighborhood is named for the park located on 8th and Josephine, Congress Park, marked by a wide range of home styles and price ranges. The eclectic housing stock has attracted residents who enjoy an urban lifestyle yet with a close knit community.



CorymerrillThe neighborhood of Cory-Merrill was originally developed in the 1930s through the 1950s. The area originally consisted of mostly smaller homes on large lots, but many have been redeveloped into large, updated single family homes. The Cory-Merrill school has always been well respected for superior academic performance.


Country Club

Denver neighborhood Country ClubThis area is home to one of Denver’s finest historical neighborhoods. Bordering the 142 acre Denver Country Club, many of the original mansions have been preserved and immaculately maintained. The palatial homes neighboring the Denver Country Club bespeak the area’s history of elegance and exclusivity.


Curtis Park & Five Points

Denver neighborhood's thumbnail for Curtis Park and Five PointsCurtis Park contains some of the oldest housing stock in Denver, dating from the 1860’s. Much of old Denver was destroyed in fire and flood but Curtis Park has endured. The nearby Five Points neighborhood is of significant cultural significance to Denver’s african American community. These neighborhoods are north east of downtown in the direction of City Park.


Downtown & Riverfront

Denver neighborhood map thumbnail image for downtown.Downtown Denver has evolved from a commercial trading center focused on agriculture, natural resources and banking to become a vibrant residential city. Many sub-neighborhoods each with its own unique style compose downtown living. A residential renaissance is underway with the crown jewel being the restoration of Union Station.



Denver neighborhoods thumbnail for the HighlandsOverlooking Downtown Denver, this neighborhood has a history in housing various communities of immigrants creating a diverse and ethnic mix that still stands today. Housing is a varietal mix of duplexes, bungalows, towering Victorians as well as row homes. The Highlands also has several cozy commercial districts with specialty shops and gourmet restaurants.


Platt Park

Denver neighborhood's Platt Park, Gerretson RealtyDevelopers have rediscovered Platt Park and are building new homes and duplexes that fit this area’s energetic spirit. At one time the neighborhood was home to the dairies and farms that fed the growing city of Denver. Original farm houses, Denver Squares,  Victorian Cottages, and Dutch Colonial homes remain from the bucolic days.


Washington Park

Washington Park, Denver Neighborhood, Gerretson Realty.Washington Park was one of Denver’s first neighborhoods to experience significant gentrification starting in the 1970’s. The original architecture of the neighborhood was characterized by brick bungalows and Denver Squares.






Gerretson Realty is proud to be a knowledgeable resource on Denver’s many distinctive neighborhoods. We are going to be adding new entries to our neighborhood’s catalog on a monthly basis throughout 2014. Check back regularly for new photos and information, or like our page on Facebook for updates as they happen.